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"The courts require the use of mediation.
    Mediate to a Fair Divorce before arguing
        between two attorneys."

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Court Certified by the NC Dispute Resolution Commission for mediating divorce financial issues.

Why should you select us to mediate your divorce?

Through divorce mediation, you will experience...
· guidance to a mutual and fair agreement package;
· a safe environment where you can express your needs;
· education for the decisions that you need to make;
· mediation of any areas of disagreement, with an
    offering of alternatives for you to consider;
· empowerment to make decisions for yourselves, concerning:
    - Dividing your assets and debts
    - Parenting arrangements and responsibilities (custody)
    - Child support
    - Spousal support

The majority of our clients reach agreement on all issues in 3 to 5 sessions of 2 hours each..

Especially when there is a lot of anger, mediation is more fitting than hiring attorneys to do your negotiating.

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You'll learn quickly that divorce mediation will
significantly lower the cost, the time, and the stress level of your divorce. Take the peaceful approach to your divorce.

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Mediation in a nutshell...

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Divorce is basically a three-step process: (1) writing your Separation Agreement that includes all of the decisions related to the divorce, (2) separating, and (3) having the court declare that the marriage is terminated. Mediation covers the first step: helping the two of you make the decisions related to the breakup.

We meet with both of you, together, in our office. Our role is to guide you through a process to help the two of you come up with fair decisions regarding (a) dividing your assets and debts, (b) making parenting arrangements for your children, (c) determining child support, and (d) working out spousal support (if any). We identify each of the issues, talk about alternative solutions, and then work out mutually agreeable solutions.

The result of the mediation is a document that we write, called a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU). It is usually 10 to 15 pages long, detailing the decisions that you have made. This MOU is used to create your Separation Agreement - a contract signed by you in front of a notary public. We encourage our clients to share that document with their attorneys, who will review it with you and suggest alternative wording to help clarify the points and to help ensure enforceability.

Our mediation sessions tend to last 2 to 3 hours, and we usually meet once per week until all decisions are completed. The majority of our clients who have children need three or four sessions. However, we remain very flexible regarding the timing of the sessions.

You are not required to use attorneys in order to get divorced, but we do encourage our clients to have attorneys. The role of the attorneys usually is narrowed to consulting, reviewing, and managing the paperwork. The majority of the work - the decision-making - is done in mediation without the attorneys. So, paying one mediator instead of two attorneys cuts your negotiation costs in half. And, because the mediation process is much more efficient, your costs may be less than a third compared to using two opposing attorneys for negotiating. More importantly, it is the nature of the mediation process that the arguments, the fights, the threats, the game playing come to an immediate halt. The goal: To help the two of you move on with your lives in a peaceful and financially-secure manner.

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Think about it...

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  • Lower the cost of your divorce
  • Feel enabled to make decisions for yourself
  • Eliminate the game-playing and threats
  • Erase the fear of getting trampled by an attorney
  • "Difficult" cases become simplified
  • Improve the communications between you and your spouse
  • Move on with your life, sooner

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